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I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Steve, and came to know him as a truly valuable asset.  He is honest, dependable, and incredibly hardworking.  Beyond that, his skills are impressive and he goes the extra mile to ensure he delivers exactly what is expected and needed.  He is not satisfied until his client is more than satisfied. 


Along with his undeniable talent, Steve was an absolute joy to work with.  He always fostered positive discussions and was able to bring out the best out in my manuscripts.  With a fresh perspective and keen ability, he was able to refine my work and take it to the next level adding greater value in the process.



                                                                 Richard Hight

Richard cover.jpg

An editor is the author's most valuable asset, allowing your reader to hear your true voice, or that of the characters you want to be brought alive and remembered forever. For me, Steven Rodgers is, and shall always be, the man who understands my style of writing and has made me a better writer. He is a sweet, loving, and caring man who you can trust, and delivers on time. An editor who is a joy and a privilege to know and work with. He is a treasure among all editors.

                                                                 Drake Gaetano

Cover (1).PNG

I appreciate Steven's professionalism, kindness and brilliant editing, consistently demonstrated during our partnership.  

                                                                                                                            Autumn Kay


When my book was ready for the editing phase I didn't have a clue how to go about it. I searched Craigslist and happened to find Steven Rodgers. What a godsend he turned out to  be.  He guided this beginner along the whole way and made my dream a reality. He patiently taught me how to use the editing tools he used. He also really stuck with the long job and finished it in a very timely manner. Today I think of Steven as my friend and not just someone I hired to do a job.                                                                                     

                                                                                        Dallas White

Drake pic.jpg
Kwame cover.jpg
Jim final cover.jpg

Steven was exemplary on every level. He is experienced, critical, and intuitive in evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of key story elements such as premise, flow, and structure. He returned my work quickly, and provided as much feedback and interaction as I needed. He was very thoughtful in his comments, and revisions or additions he suggested were always right on target. Thanks for ensuring that my project reaches its fullest potential.
                                                                              Kwame Vaughn

Steve Rodgers did a very splendid job of editing my book: Kilie the dreamer. He is very extremely professional and has a vast knowledge in his subject. He went above and beyond as an editor to assist me with my work. I will highly recommend him to anyone with full confidence and trust. He is extremely nice and helpful. 

                                                                                                 Humera Ansari

Mr. Rodgers is one of the most professional, kind,and talented people I have ever worked with. I used his serveded while applying to post-graduate education programs and I am so glad I have found him. He's always on the other side of my email messages, responding in a timely manner, providing constructive feedback, and most often gives me a better perspective on my writing. I strongly recommend hiring him - for a small or large task -- he's simply the best!


                                                                                             Yuval T., M.D.


.I used Steven Rodgers to edit my book and assist me in the publishing process.  There were unusual and unforeseen software and technical issues that we encountered.  Mr. Rodgers NEVER gave up and successfully accomplished everything!  He came highly recommended by a friend of mine and I cannot recommend him enough!                                                                                                          Jim Weidman

I have been working with Steven for a few months now, and I am happy with his work, especially with my recent job search. He edited my resume and made it stand out and it got me the job! Thank you so much, Steven, for the excellent help you have provided. I am so grateful!
                                                                              Aicha Diallo

edit authority dallas photo.jpg
jim headshot.jpg

 Working with Steve has surpassed my expectations. I sent him a poorly worded, grammatically incorrect college application essay, and what I got back in return was a thoughtful, articulate, re-structured edit of my work. I am confident I am handing in a better essay with the help of Steve.   
                                                                              Mario T.

I wanted to let you know I was accepted to four medical schools! Considering how important secondary essays are, and the amount I asked you to edit, I feel confident in saying that much of my success was due to your help. I will strongly recommend you to anyone who asks for advice on how to be successful in their applications. Thank you so much.
                                                                         Cassius Cunningham




Thank you.  The last paper you did for me was absolutely perfect.  I received an A.  I will probably have a paper every term and would love to continue to work with you. I will be  in touch.    


                                                                        Annette Cuke

Steve is a well-educated man that knows how to write.  He knows what works and what doesn’t.  But what separates him from the rest is he is one of those guys that goes the extra mile.  He said he would not abandon me after the initial edit, and he didn’t.  Steve is not a 9 to 5 guy; he does whatever it takes to get the job done.  He kept me informed every step of the way.  I think he always did his best to satisfy my requests far beyond our original agreement to edit my first novel, The Maiden Voyage of Sonador.  He gained my trust and kept it.  With his help, my first novel was successfully published.  I will never be able to thank him enough.  Read my book and you will see.  It’s my story and I wrote it the way I saw it, however, Steve put the polish on it, and he went through everything it took to put it in print, far beyond our original agreement.

                                                                            Mark Overturff

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